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Get Inspired for your new website design

with these high-quality website design examples that provide a fast and low-cost solution to get your business online.

Getting inspired to create your new website is no easy task, you perhaps look at competitors websites to gleen inspiration, you like some but don’t want to copy them and quite rightly so.

You want to stamp your own identity to your online creation and show your viewers high impact web pages that get your message across with an impressive website.

On this blog I have included a range of website designs that are fit for purpose in today’s high demand online marketplace, you may also view a selection of small business web themes within this website that will give you further example of website design ideas.

Each design uses the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress and a premium Visual Website Builder, allowing each web page to be built in sections, which allows you a pic n mix method of putting together a good looking site at a sensible price.

By changing or moving the placement of sections, changing colours, fonts, text content and images a great looking website can be created that is unique to your product/service and brand identity.

Transport Services Web Theme

Transport Services web theme is a bright and effective web design that aims to give a user-friendly page layout with eye-catching visual sales points and easy reading text sections.

The theme uses what’s called the accordion module a highly effective, space saving feature. If you look at the “Plan your next Event with Us” section, you can see how effective this feature is. By clicking the minus or plus buttons you reveal further information of the services on offer.

The services web page uses several call to action (CTA) buttons on each service, allowing the viewer to easily request a quote for the service they require.

The theme can be easily tailored to suit most business and service types, with the availability to alter colours, font style, insert images and unique content text pertaining to the subject of the web pages.

Carpenter Website Theme

The Carpenter website theme lends is designed in such a way that is can be tailored to suit a multitude of purposes. With the use of high impact images, lots of white space, giving the pages an uncluttered look. Each page is designed to grab the attention of the viewer to each specific service that is available.

An uncluttered web page, using white space is a modern, well-tested technique that has proven results in conversion to sales. The Carpenter theme is a great choice on which to base your inspirations for your new web creation.

Like all the other themes on this website, this theme is built on the ever-popular WordPress CMS using a highly robust and a time-tested visual builder.

Be Awesome website design template

The top section of the web page uses what is known as a Content Slider. Sliders are an excellent method of getting your message across effectively. With the use of good quality images and text headlines, the viewer at a glance can see what the page is all about.

The next section of the web page is designed to welcome the viewer and briefly explain the service you can deliver. Use of white space, text and images gives an uncluttered effect, allowing the viewer to quickly see how you can help them.

Following this sections there is what is know a Blurb Module, blurbs are high impact and proven attention grabbers, this particular design uses animations to enhance the look and performance.

Next, another slider is placed within the page design giving the viewer another opportunity to view more images of what you have to offer. Below this section, if you have a blog you can insert a blog feed. Blogs that are written properly help attract viewers back to your website.

Design your Web Page’s Content Flow to Help With Your Seo.

Watch the video to discover the elements you should consider to maximise your viewer’s experience and help your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Rand Fishkin a world leader in web design SOE explains the order and page placement you should consider when designing your web page layout.