About  Us

Hi,  I should have headed the page “About Me” as I am a freelance website designer that is passionate about creating great looking, functional websites that are affordable and built to attract and create customers.

Long story short

Almost 50 years ago I embarked on a journey that was to involve me in sales and marketing, 20 years ago I saw the potential power of the internet to market product worldwide.

Living in Spain and selling real estate to mainly British clients I could not find a website designer who would create what I knew was required and the prices being asked were outwith my budget.

The solution was to design the website myself, at the time a daunting task and here I am 20 years on, retired and still designing websites.

Twenty years on and much has changed in the way web sites are developed. To create high quality, unique looking websites for small to medium business, charities, etc no longer requires hours of coding by a web developer.

The modern web designer has an amazing array of tools to help create stunning designs that can deliver authentic web pages portraying a high quality internet presence at prices that won’t break the bank.

Using such tools allows me to design a website that is tailored to both your online requirements and your budget.

I have all the right tools, so why not let me Help You

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21 Macdonald Drive,
Forres, Moray, IV36 1NG


Tel: 01309 674 471
Mob: 07484 774 703